Community Principles

Last Update: July 2021

In short:

As a community member, we ask that you help us to foster an authentic and cohesive community. Treat all other community members with respect and understand that it is ok to have differences in opinion or belief. 

Ensure that every interaction that you have on Dive, be that streaming content or interacting with other members of our community, complies with these Community Principles; any other of our guidelines or terms and any applicable law.

Any behaviour on our platform which we consider to be inappropriate or illegal, or which breaches any of the guidelines or terms applicable to you, may result in that content being deleted, your account being disabled disabled accounts, notification to local law enforcement authorities or any other action deemed appropriate by us.

The long of it:

Dive encourages its community members to foster a community based on authenticity and cohesion. Our aim is to create a safe space for individual inspiration, expression and thought. 

We want Dive to be a true reflection of the diversity of the community members who use our platform. Most important to us though, is to ensure that every member forming part of our Dive community feels empowered to express themselves freely, while in turn respecting the different points of views that their other peers in the community may harbour.

All Dive community members must ensure that their use of the Dive platform complies at all times with these Community Principles and remains within the confines of the law.

By accessing or using Dive, you acknowledge our Privacy Policy and agree to these Community Principles, our Terms of Service and any other guidelines or terms as may be applicable to your use of or access to Dive, such as our Payment Terms, for example. Dive is absolutely committed to the principles in bold below, and we expect each of our members to share in this commitment. Beneath each principle, we have provided further guidance as to how we believe that principle can be achieved when accessing or using Dive, as well as examples of behaviours which are and are not acceptable. 

Not complying with these Community Principles, our Terms of Service or other applicable guidelines or terms, or any applicable law may result in deleted content, disabled accounts, notification to local law enforcement authorities, or other action deemed appropriate by us. If you come across content or accounts that you believe may be in violation of any of our guidelines or terms, please let us know by making a report to Customer Support via email at or by using the in-app reporting tool, so that we can review the alleged transgression, and take appropriate action.

• Help to maintain a safe space for individualism and promote mutual respect
We want our platform to be used by community members to express their individuality and differences in a way that is true to themselves. The only restriction on this key Dive philosophy is that any manifestation should be respectful to the rest of our diverse community and within the confines of our guidelines and terms and the law.

Dive will remove content that targets private individuals to degrade or shame them, or any information intended to intimidate, bully, extort or blackmail another individual. We are however cognisant that conversation around people already in the public-eye due to their profession or chosen activities may be stronger, and we shall use our discretion when considering the removal of content aimed at this particular category of member. 

Members should ensure that the language they use while accessing Dive should be appropriate in all circumstances. We shall not tolerate any use of offensive or abusive language, and the use of profanities will be strictly restricted.  

Although we shall do our best to protect our safe space from those who choose not to abide by our rules, we ask that our community members play a part in promoting each member’s right to express their individuality and differences, and report any content or behaviour which falls below the high standards we promote and expect.

• Only share content that you make yourself and that you have the right to share
Dive does not own any of the content that is shared on its platform by its community members. Any content that you share is yours. 

Our members should only share content that is authentic (i.e., that they have made themselves) and should not seek to take credit for someone else’s creations, without that other person’s express permission. You should not share anything that has been copied or collected from another source, unless you are sure that you have the right to share it. You can learn more about intellectual property rights in our FAQ section: intellectual property rights.

You are expected to accurately label your content to the best of your ability. When choosing a category or tag, please choose whichever best describes your content. Deliberate or extensive misuse of titles, tags or other metadata is prohibited.

• Share content that is appropriate for our diverse community
At all times before sharing any content, community members should consider how others may perceive that content, and whether or not it could upset or offend anyone else. Any content which may elicit this reaction should not be shared. This is an important consideration given that content that one member may not necessarily view as offensive, could be extremely offensive or upsetting to another member. 

We know that everyone’s body is a temple and beautiful in its own special way, and that streaming content including the naked form could be construed as artistic or creative. However, in order to ensure that our platform remains appropriate for all community members regardless of their background or age, we do not allow any nudity on Dive. 

Content deemed inappropriate for our platform such as content showing sexual intercourse or any other sexual act, genitals or female nipples will be removed. In-keeping with our inclusive philosophy, content that shows post-mastectomy scarring and women breastfeeding is allowed, as is nudity depicted in art works.

Dive operates a zero tolerance approach towards those who share sexual content relating to another person in order to intimidate, bully, extort or blackmail. Any community member found to be participating in the sharing of such content will have their account disabled and may be reported to local law enforcement authorities. 

• Be respectful of the privacy of others
You should not invade the privacy of others, whether that other person is a community member or not. Content that may reveal private personal information about individuals, where they are located, or their private property without express permission is prohibited. 

Dive works hard to keep its community members’ accounts secure and to safeguard their personal information in order to protect members from potential physical or other harm. 

You should always make sure that you have permission to film in the venues in which you stream. Although generally speaking you are free to film in public spaces, certain spaces which may at first seem like public areas, may be privately owned and may therefore have different rules relating to filming as you would otherwise expect. At all times in private residences, you must ensure that you have consent to film from the homeowner, and also that any person appearing in your streams has consented to you filming them.

Learn about how Dive treats your personal information in our Privacy Policy.

• Allow content creators the space to express themselves freely
Although we understand how exciting the prospect of meeting other members of the community in-person could be, we want to harbour an environment where creators feel safe while streaming live on our platform. With this in mind, and unless attending any pre-organised public events or with the content creator’s express consent, community members are prohibited from trying to pin-point exact locations of content creators during live streams with a view to trying to meet the content creator, or intercept or disrupt the stream. Any reports of fixated or obsessive behaviour or ‘stalking’ causing members to feel uncomfortable or distressed may result in accounts being disabled and notifications to law enforcement authorities being made. 

Dive absolutely respects and supports those in its community who wish to share content in order to condemn, raise awareness or educate others. Some of these ‘newsworthy’ events may lead to content being created which contains images which would otherwise conflict with the Community Principles (depicting acts of violence, or other graphic imagery, for example) and which we may consider to be inappropriate for some other members of our community. Therefore, Dive may decide to remove certain content if it believes that it is inappropriate, despite the ‘newsworthy’ nature of that content. Sharing graphic images for sadistic pleasure or to glorify violence is never allowed on Dive.

The safety of our community members is a paramount concern for us. Remember that local law or custom in the country in which you are sharing content may restrict what can be shared on-line, especially if the content is political or religious in nature. If unsure about sharing, always err on the side of caution, and do not share content that may endanger you, anyone else, or which could contravene local law.

• Avoid sharing violent or graphic content
Unless otherwise permissible in these Community Guidelines, sharing content that is gratuitously shocking, sadistic, or excessively graphic both in relation to human beings, as well as to animals, is strictly prohibited and such content may be removed, accounts disabled and notifications to local law enforcement authorities made, where appropriate.

• Create quests that are reasonable and legal
We have strived to create a platform which allows for as much interaction as is technically possible between those who share content and those who view that content. Part of this involves allowing our members to suggest for creators to complete challenges or ‘quests’ thus allowing members to participate in the co-creation of content streamed on our platform.

The ability to participate in the decisions of those who share content in real-time is a novel tool, but a tool that should be used at all times with respect and integrity. Members who set quests should not set quests with the aim of encouraging the creator to complete dangerous acts or stunts, injure themselves or anyone else or to conduct themselves in an illegal or inappropriate manner. Whether a quest is accepted or not by the creator is a decision that should be made exclusively by the creator him or herself, taking into account what he or she feels comfortable doing and as long as that quest is in-keeping with these Community Principles and applicable law. 

Any member who is found to have created or contributed to inappropriate or illegal quests may have their content removed, account disabled, or depending on the extremity of the quest, have their details passed to local law enforcement authorities. Where an inappropriate or illegal quest appears during a stream, other members viewing that stream should not endorse or contribute to that quest, but instead should report that quest.

When creating quests, members should take time to ensure that the quest is articulated clearly enough to be understood and acted upon by the creator. We take no responsibility under any circumstances for quests that are not completed as envisaged by the requesting member.

• Act in good faith when accepting quests
Creators who accept quests must act in good faith and complete that quest to the best of their ability in the given circumstances. A quest should only be accepted by the content creator, if that creator genuinely intends to complete the quest. We operate a three-strike policy for any creator who accepts quests but then is later exposed as having not completed that quest, meaning that upon learning of the third transgression, we shall take any action as we deem necessary to put a stop to this behaviour, including disabling the account of the transgressor.

We want our content creators to feel free to agree to complete any quest proposed to them, as long as they are comfortable completing it. Nevertheless, content creators should understand that they are prohibited from agreeing to complete any quest that would endanger their own safety or the safety of any other person or animal; contravene any of the other of our Community Principles or other Dive guidelines or terms; is inappropriate given the circumstances; or is illegal. 

In circumstances where creators are not clear as to the quest that they are being asked to complete by a member, it is the responsibility of the creator to make the necessary clarifications before accepting such a quest. Dive takes no responsibility under any circumstances for quests that are not completed as envisaged by the requesting member.

• Foster meaningful and genuine interactions
Dive is committed to providing a platform for its community to have interactions amongst one another without the inconvenience or fear or being exposed to spam, fake news or other malicious content. Any content that Dive considers to be in-authentic, artificial or repetitive risks being removed from the platform, with the content creator facing other reprimands if deemed appropriate. 

The contacting of other community members for commercial purposes without their consent is prohibited. 

You have a profile when using Dive which may not contain your real personal information. That said, Dive requires all members to provide accurate and up-to-date information, where applicable. Impersonating others or creating accounts for the purpose of violating our Community Principles is prohibited and will lead to the disabling of those accounts. Content or activity that seeks to artificially inflate popularity on our platform is prohibited. We also prohibit any attempts to manipulate platform mechanisms to increase interaction metrics.

We understand that some of our community members may be paid to promote certain brands during their live streams or may be affiliated to certain organisations. If this is the case, those community members must make any brand affiliation clear to other community members at all times while promoting.

• Do not allow dangerous persons or those who incite hate or violence to have a voice
We do not allow dangerous individuals or organisations to use our platform to promote terrorism, any form of crime, or other types of behaviour which could cause harm to others or animals. Dive operates a zero tolerance approach in regards to any credible threat to the safety of members using our services, and will notify and cooperate with relevant law enforcement authorities, where applicable.

It is never ok to participate in or encourage violence or to single anyone out, based on that person’s race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, religious affiliation or belief, disabilities or diseases. We operate a zero tolerance policy towards those who do not comply with this principle, and law enforcement may be notified if Dive considers that the circumstances require it. 

When hate speech is being shared to challenge that particular view or to raise awareness, Dive may allow that specific content to remain on the platform; however, in these very specific circumstances, we ask that you express your intent clearly. 

• Promote and maintain a supportive environment
We pride ourselves on the openness and respect harboured in our community, and this is certainly something to celebrate. Nevertheless, Dive may also be a space for expression or to find support for those who are facing difficult issues including eating disorders, cutting or other kinds of self-injury. We want Dive to be a platform from which people can share their experiences, raise awareness about these issues and seek support from one another, which is why we allow people to discuss suicide and self-injury. Dive is committed to doing our bit to support members in times of need, or those affected by any content that they find upsetting, and anyone may contact our Customer Support team via email at for further information or help. 

Encouraging or urging people to embrace self-injury or otherwise bullying or harassing any other community member is counter to the environment of support and mutual respect that we promote, and we shall remove this content where possible and disable accounts to deter this type of behaviour. 

• Protect the most vulnerable members of our community
As a member of our Dive community, we expect you to always act in the best interests of others in the community, and especially those who may be in a more vulnerable position than you, whether that is due to their age or other particular circumstance. In using our platform, we encourage you to act in a positive manner which deters others from using the platform to manipulate, offend or otherwise harm those in vulnerable positions. In turn, we shall attempt to safeguard these groups of people by using the tools available to us, including moderating content, taking down content, disabling accounts or notifying local law enforcement authorities.

In an effort to create space for this conversation while promoting a safe environment, we shall remove content that depicts, threatens or promotes sexual violence, sexual assault or sexual exploitation of adults, while also allowing space for victims to share their experiences. We take a zero tolerance approach when it comes to sharing sexual content involving minors.

Community members may like to share content of their children. For safety reasons, there are times when we may remove content which shows nude or partially-nude children. Even when this content is shared with good intentions, it could be used by others in unanticipated ways. 

• Follow the law
Criminal activities cover a wide spectrum of acts punishable by law. Because we do not want such behaviour to be normalised or imitated, we shall work hard to remove any content that promotes criminal activities or that instructs other members on how to conduct criminal activities.

The selling, promotion or solicitation of the following are strictly prohibited on Dive (even if legal in your region): adult products; alcohol; animals or their parts; body parts and fluids; currency and financial instruments; hazardous goods and materials; ingestible supplements; jobs; medical and healthcare products; nuclear power; pesticides; prescription products, drugs and drug paraphernalia; stolen goods; tobacco products and related paraphernalia; weapons, ammunition and explosives. 

Remember to always follow the law when offering to sell or buy other regulated goods. Accounts promoting online gambling, online real money games of skill or online lotteries must get our prior written permission before using any of our products.

• Help to protect us so that we can protect you
We use our best efforts to ensure that our platform remains protected and that all of the information that you and each of our community members have entrusted us to look after remains safe and secure. You as a community member can also do your bit in helping us to protect your information by not:

○ hacking the Dive website, mobile application, or associated networks, or bypassing its measures to restrict community members’ access;

○ distributing files that contain viruses, Trojan horses, worms, logic bombs, or other materials that are malicious or harmful;

○ modifying, adapting, translating, reverse engineering, disassembling, decompiling, or creating any derivative products based on Dive, including any files, tables or documentation, nor attempt to regenerate any source code, algorithms, methods or techniques embodied in Dive; and

○ using automated scripts to collect information from Dive or our community members.