Deepdive redefines social mentorship. Connects you with experts in audio rooms - Press Release

Berlin based social-audio app, backed by Razer Inc. comes out of Beta. Deepdive Pioneers new audio experience for professionals, focused on personal and career growth. Additionally, also offering audio spaces to global enterprises - Volkswagen AG and Razer Inc. are running first pilots.

Deepdive is the first and only social audio platform that focuses on professionals and uses game-design to solve the retention problems of Clubhouse - it’s all about spurring personal and career growth.

During its beta-testing phase since February 2021, the platform has appealed to notable industry leaders such as Min-Liang Tan (Co-Founder & CEO at Razer), Violet Lim (CEO & Co-Founder Lunch Actually Group), Jakob Knutzen (Co-Founder & CEO at Butter), Tim Christophersen (United Nations, Nature for Climate, UNEP) and more, who hosted invite-only events, or have a profile, like Saskia Esken (German Politician).

Based in Berlin, Deepdive is backed by zVentures, Razer’s corporate venture arm, and a diverse group of notable Angels like Imran Qaiser (founder of UAE Fenix), Julia Kümper (founder of Ventreneurs, accelerator for diversity founders), Ignacio Detmer (COO of OLX Autos) and more.

The continuing rise of voice-based social media platforms ascertain the appeal of an intimate experience for users, particularly in the new normal we live in. By removing the distractions of visual-oriented platforms, Deepdive provides an opportunity for users to focus on the quality of content delivered”, says Cho Weihao, Investment Director of Razer.

The integration of LinkedIn ensures the professional focus of the platform, while allowing for better networking and career opportunities. To maintain a trustworthy community, in-app features will allow listeners to earn “claps” and endorse speakers on specific skills, which enables credibility on the platform. 

Unlike other audio apps, where interaction is limited to raising a virtual hand and getting on stage to speak, Deepdive aims to provide an immersive experience within rooms through emotional cues such as laughing, clapping or coughing to fill the awkward silences, with plans to integrate audio-bots, like Alexa or Siri as the next step.

Our mission is to help people grow through discourse, personally and professionally, ensuring value for each minute spent within the app. By using game-design we aim to create a more tangible sense of this value and with emotional cues we want to make it more immersive, just like a real conversation”, says Dmytro, the Founder of Deepdive. 

Additionally, Deepdive leverages on the hybrid workplace, offering dedicated audio spaces to large enterprises for internal communication. Companies like Volkswagen AG and Razer Inc. are some of the early adopters, running first pilots over the last months. 

Another key product feature that has garnered high appeal among journalists and bloggers, is the seamless integration of audio content into articles with a single link (or embedded code)- through Deepdive’s embed cards. Article-readers could drop into a room or deep dive into a topic by listening to a recorded room, without leaving the page; enriching their knowledge on the subject matter.